S4 is Information applied to Ag Risk Management

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About S4

S4 is an award winning Ag tech start-upthat provides the Data that your company’s Decision-Making Process needs

About Ag-Tech

Over the last few years, S4 (formerly, Solapa4) has been one of the fastest growing “AG-Tech” start-ups in Argentina, a country in which agriculture plays a critical economic role. Ag tech companies (like S4) focus on developing data analytics to decision-making tools that can both improve agricultural yield and manage risk.

According to Techcrunch, “Agtech is the new queen of green”. With the global population expected to increase from 7.2B to 9.6B over the next 35 years, food supply will have to increase by 70% to adequately feed the population. Ensuring such a huge increase in global food demand, will require the use of ag-tech. S4 will make a valuable contribution to this effort as a regional actor with strong global ties to international companies. Including in the USA.

Our Story

S4 was formed in 2010 with its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. S4 began by advising top agronomists in Argentina, like Cesar Belloso and Santiago González Venzano, who realized that the digitization of farming practices is vital to the future of farming. These visionaries formed a consultancy dedicated to helping farmers in Argentina adopt technology to improve their yields and become more efficient.

Since then, S4 has evolved in two main ways. Firstly, the company has changed from being a consulting business for companies and agronomists to becoming a company exclusively focussed on ag-tech with a B2B2C model. This means that S4 sells its data analytics to financial services providers, ag suppliers, large food suppliers and other agribusinesses. Our services enable other companies to take advantage of more timely and detailed information in order to more accurately allocate their resources and build a smarter shared-risk approach.

Secondly, S4 has expanded geographically. Because of the type and quality of services it provides, S4 has changed from being a domestic to a regional player. Now it is taking its first steps in the global market with the help of ‘The Yield Lab’, an ag-tech startup incubator in St. Louis, MO, USA. With its entrance into the United States, S4 has started to look into international investors.

Our Team

S4 has a solid and sophisticated team that has attracted an equally solid and sophisticated pool of investors which includes the top Ag experts in Argentina including Cesar Belloso, Ignacio Lartirigoyen, Luis Kasdorf, Francisco Perkins and Delfin Uranga.

What we do?

We turn technical data into actionable information for Agriculture interests

S4 is Information applied to Ag Risk Management

Our Team


This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients
the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Diego Steverlynck

Diego Steverlynck

Tomas Peña

Tomas Peña

CFO - US Country Manager
Mariano Tamburrino

Mariano Tamburrino

Santiago Gonzalez Venzano

Santiago Gonzalez Venzano



The people who have trusted us so far

Don Mario
Cooper Gay
Mercantil Andina
Banco Galicia
Cono Agropecuaria
La Suerte
Agro Uranga S.A.
The Yield Lab

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IntegraSoja at LaNacion.com

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New Syngenta + S4 product: Integra Soja

Oct 16 2015

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S4 and Yield Lab at ST. Louis Today

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S4 at LaNacion.com

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S4 USA to present at Agtech week in San Francisco next week.

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S4 establishes North American HQ in St. Louis

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S4 finalist on BBVA Open Talent 2014

Aug 21 2014

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S4 won Silver Medal on Ternium – ExpoAgro Innovation Prize

Mar 05 2014

Tuesday March 5, 2013 in the main auditorium of the estate of Expoagro receive the award Venzano Santiago Gonzalez, President, Mariano Tamburrino,…

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