S4 USA to present at Agtech week in San Francisco next week.

19 June, 2015

Tomás Peña, S4’s CFO, will be presenting at the Agtech week event, organized by Global Ag Invest group from New York. He will be speaking at the AgTech Innovation Exposition Panel with other founders on June 24th.
S4 is developing its business in the US focused on providing insurance companies, Ag suppliers and banks information applied to their Ag risk management. The company, led by CEO Laura Lukasik, agronomist Santiago Gonzalez Venzano and Mariano Tamburrino is planning to move its headquarters to the US in 2015.
In the US the team is led by Tomás Peña and Audrey MacKenzie, a former Intel executive and is based in Saint Louis, Missouri where it is part of the Yield Lab accelerator program. Begun in September 2014, The Yield Lab is a St. Louis-based accelerator program focused on “cultivating a community of AgTech solutions for a more sustainable future.” It is financially backed by private investors and is led by former Novus International CEO Thad Simons. Jeff Peterson, managing director, is the lead mentor of S4 at the program.
The company has just finished raising their seed round and will launch a series A during 4Q 2015 to finance automation of our models and grow our customer base in the US and South America.