S4 won Silver Medal on Ternium – ExpoAgro Innovation Prize

5 March, 2014

Tuesday March 5, 2013 in the main auditorium of the estate of Expoagro receive the award Venzano Santiago Gonzalez, President, Mariano Tamburrino, CTO and Rodrigo Ramirez, Executive Director of flap 4, who commented that “this is a milestone very important for the company, especially because of the arguments by which it was delivered: integrate technologies available, allowing users to capture value simply and inexpensively ”

Gonzalez Venzano that “combines a few years ago began” talking “in addition to harvest grains: harvesting data and tell us what is happening in the batch. Not only that, the drills, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders began “to listen”, that is, operating under orders by georeferenced environment. It seemed worthwhile to build a bridge between the information they give us combines and orders atmosphere using machinery for precision agriculture, transforming information monitors harvest prescriptions georeferenced variable density and fertilization and capture value. (If there are environmental heterogeneity, more than 100 usd / ha of corn) ”

“This mission we take, says Gonzalez Venzano, that of being a platform that understands the language of machines to transform the information they produce monitors efficient operation harvest in the form of georeferenced requirements for precision agriculture, positioned us as an ally of machinery enterprises and access …. Ternium prize -. Expoagro ” Rodrigo Ramirez explains, “Our customers are challenged to continuously increase its productivity and that is why we define S4 in a beta state of constant evolution, investing in the development of new applications that achieve greater integration and which can incorporate production: farming environments or specific site, production protocols, precision agriculture, traceability, good agricultural practices and food safety. ”

Mariano Tamburrino meanwhile, says that “while we share a vision that the new agriculture require greater integration and simplicity for execution. Focusing on processes, organization and technology productive logic we embed in an online software, accessible via web or mobile, to help the producer to make more efficient decisions and improve the productivity of their systems at a low cost of implementation. ”

He adds: “Today, thanks to developments we have implemented a producer of very simple way you can plan production efficiently operate crops deliver georeferenced orders for machinery and analyze the entire flow of information with importing monitors performance in real time.

It was a great challenge that we had and is even larger that we are moving. This recognition is a validation to journey and energy to which we are to go. ”

This innovation award, urged flap 4 to participate, not only with a stand for producers, consultants and companies, plot No. 18, but also to show specifically how they “talk to machines” in the First Dynamic Precision agriculture, generating prescriptions for sprayers, fertilizing and seeding, understand and execute the orders georeferenced software.